Initial Reading

The Initial reading (= Natal reading) is where you start your journey. It is a one hour/hour and half comprehensive analysis of your natal chart, which illuminates your potentials and challenges. It can include a deeper understanding of yourself, of your inherent qualities and shortcomings, and of your purpose in life.  We will look into your career, finances, health, relationships, etc. It can give you an understanding of timing, i.e., why and when  certain events took place in your life. You can also learn about what to expect in the coming years. You will gain an overview of where you are now, what is best to focus on and where is best to put your energy.

Initial reading sets the foundation from which all other tools of Jyotish shine forth.

This first reading is essential for all new clients.

All other Jyotish services come as follow-up readings/services. During these follow-up reading each area of life can be discussed, one by one and in more depth, and you can find answers to your specific questions.


Also available as a gift certificate for your friends and family.

What you can gain from this reading:

  • An in-depth psychological, emotional and physical analysis.
  • An overview of different aspects of life, such as career, finance, health, relationships, love, etc.
  • An understanding of timing: why certain events took place in your life and when; what to focus on now and, if you like, what to expect in the future.
  • Answers to some of your questions.

What else…

It is always great to meet you in person, but it is not necessary. What is important, however, is your wish and openness for a reading. We will need an hour of quiet time.  You can have your pen and paper, if you want to make notes, or you are welcome to audio record our session. Please be on time, because we will need a full hour that is allocated to you.

Please know that everything we discuss during readings stays completely confidential. 

It is my honor and privilege to work with you, and I look very much forward to meeting you. Thank you.

Get in touch to find out if Jyotish is the right thing for you. I’m happy to answer your questions!
Daria Aichinger

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