Jyotish Services

Jyotish has a lot to offer. It is my wish to develop a long lasting relationship with you as my client. As we work together, I will be able to deepen my knowledge of you, while you will be able to develop a relationship with Jyotish itself. New clients will be introduced to Jyotish through an initial reading. For topics that require more in-depth analysis or as more specific questions arise, you will refer to follow-up readings and Prasna. To know how to plan for a year ahead, you can refer to a yearly overview. Compatibility readings are there for you to improve and deepen your relationships with others. And if you are starting a new journey, personal or professional, Muhurta is something to refer to. To find out where you “belong” on this vast planet Earth, astromapping is a wonderful tool.

So what are all these different offers?