Daria Aichinger

About me

I was born and raised in Russia, lived in Canada, Australia and the US and today I find myself in Germany. I have experienced all these cultures and have travelled around the world. All of which makes me love people! I love the diversity of cultures and human beings, while seeing how similar everyone’s experiences are at the same time.

When I was 16 years old, in Russia, I met my spiritual teacher. At 19, I immigrated to Canada, by myself. At 24, I met Bette Timm, a practitioner of Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, and she offered me to study with her right away. An offer which I refused immediately. A few years later my Buddhist teacher found out about this offer and insisted that I learn this noble transmission and bring it to the world. It is with great honor and diligence that I took on this task. And little did I know what I was getting myself into. A study of Jyotish is a life-long responsibility and it is something one can only receive directly from one’s teacher. Everything I share with you, is the knowledge I’ve gained from Bette directly. I’ve dedicated five years to studying with her while raising my beautiful step-daughters, and it is with Bette’s blessing that I have my own practice of Jyotish today.

It is an absolute honor to be part of a noble transmission such as Jyotish, and it is my privilege to be able to bring this illuminating wisdom into your lives, so you too can enjoy the benefits of it.

I would like to thank my Buddhist Teacher for insisting that I learn Jyotish, my Jyotish Teacher for bringing this Science of Light into my life and for entrusting me with this profound knowledge, and my family for supporting me in my journey of learning Jyotish and being patient with me as they were forced to constantly listen me talk about it all the time.

Jyotish readings are very intimate and it is my privilege to serve you.

Working with me

I have been implementing the wisdom of Jyotish since 2006 and I have been studying Jyotish since 2014. My teacher Bette Timm got direct Jyotish transmission from Hart deFouw.

I use my whole life experience to relate to people’s diversity and have a very unique understanding that there is an underlying wisdom and freedom that is in fact independent of culture, language, age, heritage, upbringing, psychology, education or profession. And it lies within each and every one of us. I love shining light on your inherent wisdom through Jyotish.

My commitment is to help you access your innermost potential, wisdom and joy.

I am here to guide you through the unknown of life and any changing circumstances, both inner and outer.

I have seen how helpful Jyotish is to to many people and this is only one of the reasons I am utterly passionate about it.

Overview of services

What clients say

Going through a phase of life where I had to face different kinds of challenges I was curious what Jyotish may hold for me and my situation. My first reading with Daria was an uplift and I had the impression I was granted a big gift – access to a very vast and profound knowledge and that I had just discovered the tip of the mountain.

I was astonished by the accuracy of Daria’s reading and the ongoing consultations showed even more that Jyotish can really help to understand the current life situation and what to focus on. Daria is very skilfull in her work and emphathic in her interaction with me as a client. I appreciate her kindness and clarity and have deep trust in her knowledge. I can absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to gain more insight into one’s developement.

Ursula FeuerherdtEntrepreneur and motherFEUERHERDT Marketing
When I was introduced to Daria, I was enamored by her cultural experiences that she had offer me from a different perspective that I have not been exposed to. Her spiritual connection and devotion to the Divine is what allows her to give such pure readings. During our sessions over the years, I have also gained knowledge about myself and how to use those traits to take the best opportunity with the aligned timing. Her chart readings are inclusive of all topics, but it is up to the individual to inquire.  Daria is gentle enough to prod you along if needed, but also has a tremendous respect and honors where you are to be able to understand some information that the chart(s) is showing. I also appreciate the ability to have a chart reading update at anytime and from anywhere, she is mobile.
Leslie McWilliamsClinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Chef, Registered Yoga Teacher
On the advice of a friend, my husband and I worked with Daria to understand what was ahead for our small business. We went in without any expectations and were completely blown away by Daria’s reading. Her accuracy in describing past relationships and events left us speechless.  Her insights into us personally and our business have been spot-on. We’ve worked with her to determine the best timing for taking on a big customer, letting go of an old one, when to hire more employees, vacation timing and even when to have surgery.
Michelle Fennimore, age 62, Vice PresidentProtech Composites