Everyone one of us is relating to someone and we constantly interact with everyone around us. Our lives consist of all kinds of relationships: professional, family, romance, friendships, etc.

A compatibility reading helps us to understand (a) our own capacity to relate to others and then (b) how different relationships in our lives can be more harmonious.

This reading reveals so much about our ability to relate to our partner, to our family members, to our business partners, etc. The variety of people in our lives brings a variety of challenges and gifts to our connections. By increasing our awareness to our karmic bonds to people, we can release a lot of tension with others. This will bring harmony into our relationships and will challenge us to evolve as human beings.


What you will gain from this reading:

  • An in depth analysis of your “skill” in different relationships in your life.
  • Understanding of your connection to a specific person in your life. We would need this person’s chart for accuracy but we could also refer to Prasna.
  • A perspective on how you can change or improve your relationships to others.

Find out about some of the topics in the field of relationships that Jyotish is able to answer.

What else…

This reading is for existing clients only. We will need an hour or half hour of quiet time,  you are welcome to have a pen and paper if you want to make notes, or you are welcome to audio record our session. Please know that the time of the appointment is prepared especially for you, so be on time as it also can influence the accuracy of the reading.

Please know that everything we discuss during the reading stays completely confidential. 

It is my honor and privilege to work with you and I look very much forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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