Prasna is a chart of the moment, prepared for a client who has specific questions. Preferably, these questions are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions and are formulated clearly. But we can also work together on that.

With Prasna you can gain a perspective that can help you to make decisions or to understand which path to take if you are at a juncture in your life. Prasna can tell you a lot about your current state of being and help with immediate situations with which you are confronted.

Prasna is the tool of Jyotish that we us the most after the initial reading, since it gives a precise access to your situation here and now and guides you in many practical thing in daily life.


What you can gain from this reading:

  • Answers to your specific questions.
  • Guidance in your decision making process.
  • A closer look at your current situation or a particular area of life.

What else…

This reading is for existing clients only. We will need an hour or half hour of quiet time. You are welcome to have a pen and paper, if you want to make notes, or you can audio record our session. Please know that the time of the appointment is prepared especially for you, so be on time as it also can influence the accuracy of the reading.

Please know that everything we discuss during the readings stays completely confidential. 

It is my honor and privilege to work with you, and I look very much forward to meeting you. Thank you.

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Daria Aichinger

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