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Do you ever wonder what is home? And why we end up in a certain country, state, city? What brings us there and how is it experienced?

Astromapping is an astrological map that shows us which places in the world we have connections to. Some places can bring difficulties and put us a health risk, and we might be able to avoid them. And some of these places we have such deep Karmic bonds to that they simply cannot be avoided. In some places however, we feel strong and powerful and immediately find ourselves at home.

Astromapping is a great tool when we go through changes in our lives and maybe thinking of relocating. Or if we feel stagnant in one place and simply over-ridden with difficulties, we may want to find an easier place where we can gain peace and balance again. And as always, timing is everything.


What will you gain from this reading:

  • Help in finding a good place for to live in/work in at this moment of your life.
  • An overview of which places in the world are best for you in general.
  • Answers to questions such as where to move, or where to travel to next, or why am I feeling so stuck here, etc.

What else…

This reading is for existing clients only.  This could be a half hour or a full hour reading, it could also be part of your follow up readings. Please let me know ahead of time that you would like to look at astromapping, so that I can prepare that chart for you.

Please be on time for you appointment as often questions of relocation etc are connected to Prasna.

Please know that everything we discuss during the reading stays completely confidential. 

It is my honor and privilege to work with you and I look very much forward to meeting you. Thank you!

Get in touch to find out if Jyotish is the right thing for you. I’m happy to answer your questions!
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