What clients say

I am so grateful to know Daria and be able to work with her. Jyotish has become an important part of my decision making for all areas of my life, especially when I “birth” projects – whether personal or business related into this world. Important events in our life also require the right timing. That is why I asked Daria to help me find the “Muhurta” for the world premiere of my first film LOTUS and also did a personal reading. The precision of the Jyotish is simply breathtaking and a beautiful confirmation of my intuition when I look back to past events. What a gift to be aware that tool like this exists and to be able to use this ancient wisdom now to have guidance for planning my year & life. I highly recommend working with Daria. Thank you Daria for all you are and do.

Angelika Fürstlerwww.angelikafurstler.com

I began consulting Daria several years ago, at a time when I was contemplating some major life changes. I had been stuck in a rut in my career and was thinking of starting my own business but had to take some significant risks and get creative in order to move forward on that idea. Whenever I came to a crossroads in which the best decision was not obvious from financial calculations, logic, or business planning, I would set up a consultation with Daria. Without fail, her advice has been, and continues to be, invaluable in advancing my business in a stable way. I highly recommend consulting her on the difficult decisions in your life!

Jacqueline BornesSpeech Pathologist, Austin, Texas

Going through a phase of life where I had to face different kinds of challenges I was curious what Jyotish may hold for me and my situation. My first reading with Daria was an uplift and I had the impression I was granted a big gift – access to a very vast and profound knowledge and that I had just discovered the tip of the mountain.

I was astonished by the accuracy of Daria’s reading and the ongoing consultations showed even more that Jyotish can really help to understand the current life situation and what to focus on. Daria is very skilfull in her work and emphathic in her interaction with me as a client. I appreciate her kindness and clarity and have deep trust in her knowledge. I can absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to gain more insight into one’s developement.

Ursula FeuerherdtEntrepreneur and motherFEUERHERDT Marketing

On the advice of a friend, my husband and I worked with Daria to understand what was ahead for our small business. We went in without any expectations and were completely blown away by Daria’s reading. Her accuracy in describing past events and relationships left us speechless.  Her insights into us personally and our business have been spot-on. We’ve worked with her to determine the best timing for taking on a big customer, letting go of an old one, when to hire more employees, vacation timing and even when to have surgery.

Michelle Fennimore, age 62Vice President, Protech CompositesProtech Composites

When I was introduced to Daria, I was enamored by her cultural experiences that she had offer me from a different perspective that I have not been exposed to. Her spiritual connection and devotion to the Divine is what allows her to give such pure readings. During our sessions over the years, I have also gained knowledge about myself and how to use those traits to take the best opportunity with the aligned timing. Her chart readings are inclusive of all topics, but it is up to the individual to inquire. Daria is gentle enough to prod you along if needed, but also has a tremendous respect and honors where you are to be able to understand some information that the chart(s) is showing. I also appreciate the ability to have a chart reading update at anytime and from anywhere, she is mobile.

Leslie McWilliamsClinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Chef, Registered Yoga Teacher

For us, the greatest value of working with Daria is the peace of mind it’s given us. Her readings have given us a sense of what’s to come that allows us to mentally prepare for what’s ahead and deal with things in a more confident, relaxed way. She is smart, kind and insightful and her readings are a reflection of that. Our life is happier for our work with Daria. We highly recommend her!

Jeff Olsen, age 62President, Protech CompositesProtech Composites

During my first meeting with Daria, I was immediately impressed with how “right on” she was in reading my chart. She’s amazing! Since that first meeting, I have met with her several times over an eight-month period for advice and direction. Daria is so committed, knowledgeable, and professional. It’s clear and evident that she has fully invested in doing the work necessary to provide an accurate reading. She gives me her full attention and understanding, and is very nurturing, sensitive, and caring in how she delivers her message. I always feel loved and cared for, and feel especially empowered after meeting with her. I get more from my sessions with her than I do meeting with a therapist! It’s an extremely rare privilege to seek counsel with someone like Daria. She is truly a blessing to me and I am forever grateful.


Working with Daria was such a great experience. Her knowledge of Jyotish and her ability to clearly explain things was wonderful. My life is in the process of great transitions and she has helped so much with helping things go smoothly. It’s also obvious that she really cares. I would recommend her to anyone looking for insight into their life.

Steve W., age 57Chiropractor