Career matters

Whether you are stuck in your current career or feel that your interests professionally are changing, Jyotish can shine light onto this subject and help you navigate your current situation with grace.

Growing up we all have a dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, or an astronaut or maybe a president, a rock star or an athlete. As we grow older, our dreams change and sometimes we conform to a path that easy instead of the one we truly wish for or a path that our parents wish us to travel on; or because we got into a program in college that is affordable, instead of the one we have always been wanting to be in. Whatever that may be, it is important that each of us discover what it is that we are good at and what is it that we love to do. It is important we are able to manifest in life as it contributes to our being fulfilled and happy in this life.

Career questions for your Jyotish consultation

Find out how to  find a nice balance between work and personal life; find guidance for decisions you are confronted with– when to sign a new contract, wether or not take on a new partner. Find out how to find fulfillment in what you do. Where your potentials lie and how to make them flourish.

The science of Jyotish help you make decisions that can bring most benefit and alignment to who you are.

We would study your Natal chart and Prasna to help answer your questions about your career.

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Consultation topics

Love and Relationships

During our lives we interact with those around us and create and experience different relationships: romantic, professional, family relationships and so on. Jyotish shines light on the connections we have and how we can improve them or learn from them.

Career matters

Whether you are stuck in your current career or feel that your professional interests are changing, Jyotish can help you navigate the turbulent waters of change and help you make meaningful and authentic decisions.

Health questions

Vedic Astrology is a great tool that can be used to describe our physical make up. It can point out where the strengths and weaknesses are in our body and why.

Decisions to be made

Every day we make decisions. Some affect the outcome of our day or the following weeks, and some affect the rest of our lives! Jyotish helps us answer specific questions and guides us in our decision making process.

Business astrology

Where and when businesses are started can already define the outcome of the venture. The people involved are major factors for success. And, timing is everything when it comes to business. Jyotish is the tool that combines knowledge of them all to help your venture grow and blossom.

Finding your purpose

All of us at some point have questions such as:  What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose in life? What did I come here to do? Jyotish shines light onto these questions.


Vedic Astrology is a great tool that can answer many questions about your personal financial situation and decisions that you make regarding your money.

Family concerns/questions

We all strive toward harmonious relationships with our family members, and it is not always easy. The illuminating wisdom of Jyotish will point out how we can improve our connections to our family members and answer questions about creating our own family.