The nature of Saturn

In Jyotish, or Indian Astrology, Saturn is a planet that makes us into decent human beings. He makes us assiduous, diligent, particular. He makes us into thorough servants. We have to give up riches, flamboyance, arrogance, thus developing gratitude toward simple things and joys of life.

Rahu and Ketu

Who are these guys, you wonder? Well, so do I….These two, known as The Nodes, are not easy to grasp for any of us, as they are the “shadowy planets” which cause eclipses. That is because they are literally shadows that cause eclipses.


Eclipses are phenomena that fascinate many, people go out to observe them, photograph them. In Jyotish, however, it is treated as an auspicious moment to develop spiritual merit, or positive impressions in the mind.