Exalted and debilitated planet

Each Planet is exalted or debilitated in one of the 12 constellations (Rashis).

Exaltation gives strength and, depending on many factors, it can intensify the planets’ energy, whether benevolent or malevolent. Exalted planet is like a person visiting a wealthy friend’s house, where he gets the royal treatment: he cannot fully be himself but is able to do more, perhaps even better than at home. However, it can also show planet’s peculiar ego tendencies when exalter.

Debilitation gives weakness resulting in feeble expression of the planet’s energy, behaving contrary to its nature and, depending on many factors, can give desired or undesired outcome. It is like a person living in a house of someone who is very different and perhaps unfriendly towards him, making one careful and uncomfortable. However, a debilitated planet can also be quite free from the ego associated with that planet and therefor is often described in a positive way.